DECT Telephones

DECT telephones are mobile devices which use DECT technology, a digital communication standard for the transmission of data and speech mainly used for creating cordless telephony systems.  DECT telephones may be adapted to various work environments from hospitals to the industrial sector, via hotels and the commercial sector.

The basic functionality of cordless telephony can be integrated with advanced services and systems which have already been adapted for a given establishment; the DECT systems offered by Nuove Tecnologie may, for example, be connected to a nurse call facility and with process control and alarm reception systems.  This option of integration allows DECT technology to play an important role in guaranteeing the safety of personnel thanks to the automatic sending of targeted messages in critical and dangerous situations. DECT telephones are therefore devices which permit mobility, efficiency and safety within a work environment.

Nuove Tecnologie offers a range of DECT telephones for professional use, designed and implemented for the most sophisticated in-house company communication systems.

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