NEOS Nurse call system

NEOS was born at the Nuove Tecnologie laboratories: an innovative nurse call system, designed to guarantee efficient and timely management of communication and hospital calls.

In fact, this is a high-tech tool, compliant with the VDE 0834 standards  Parts 1 and 2 , featuring a computerised system for managing communication between the patient and the medical/nursing and social/welfare personnel.  The NEOS nurse call facility may therefore be installed at hospitals, clinics, old people’s homes and in all those settings where communication is required between a resident and personnel providing assistance.

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NEOS Nurse call system: features and charateristics

The NEOS nurse call facility from Nuove Tecnologie is designed to guarantee ease-of-use and functionality also in emergency situations.  Calls from patients, which are all traceable and can be memorised by the system, appear on the displays installed in the residents’ rooms or in suitable locations, or on portable terminals carried by the healthcare staff.  Staff may get into direct voice contact with the patient or go to the room from which the call originated.

The latter may be on four possible levels:

  • Normal call: patient to nurse;
  • Call for assistance: nurse to nurse;
  • Emergency call: nurse to rapid response team;
  • Diagnostic and technical call: from diagnostic device to nurse.

The strong points of the NEOS call system are: the option of customisation, for improved adaptation to various contexts and to users’ requirements, and integratability with other systems. Two properties which make it a nurse call facility which is comprehensive, practical and efficient. The NEOS nurse call system can, in fact, be connected to pager facilities or to DECT systems for sending calls to cordless portable devices.

For all healthcare establishments which have the NEOS facility, Nuove Tecnologie has, furthermore, developed a Neos App, an application for Android operating systems which allows comprehensive management of events directly on a mobile, smartphone or tablet device.

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